The Princess Diaries

To begin, most people have probably seen this movie, but I just needed to share my thoughts on this childhood classic! For anyone who lives under a rock, the movie follows an awkward teenage girl, Mia, who is told by her grandmother that she is royalty. Mia is overwhelmed in choosing to live a normal life or become a princess for a small country, Genovia. 

The Princess Diaries has the best characters. I love Mia Thermopolis so much I think she is hilarious. I could never forget to mention the best part of the movie when Anne Hathaway falls on the bleachers and continues with the scene!! Anne Hathaway was still beautiful with bushy eyebrows, glasses, and poofy hair, they could not fool me. 

Although, I have to discuss Lily. Lily has some funny moments, but I could never ignore how awful she was as a friend to Mia. Lily would get so mad at Mia, when she never even knew Mia’s side of the story. Besides, who gets mad at someone for STRAIGHTENING THEIR HAIR!! Dare I get started on the scene when Lily criticizes Mia for still being upset about her father dying two months ago… who says that?! The only thing I like about Lily is when her and Mia would go scootering across town. That is just so iconic. 

I really liked Michael and I am still upset that he was not included in the sequel 😦 Him and Mia were perfect for each other, but his sideburns needed to go. The best character of the movie, with no doubt, is Mia’s cat Fat Louie. He is so precious and is totally fit to rule. Fat Louie was born to be a king and I hope he enjoys his time in Genovia with Princess Mia. Overall, this is such a comfort movie, I can watch it any time. The Princess Diaries is such a hilarious and iconic movie, everyone needs to watch it. 



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