Fear Street Trilogy


      When I first heard about these movies, I was pretty excited to see Maya Hawke and Sadie Sink. Unfortunately, after five minutes into the first movie, I realized that Maya’s screen time was over, and I was contemplating whether I should finish the film or not. Despite the struggle I pursued, and I am delighted that I did. 

      Part One was very engaging. I liked how the movies regressed in time, keeping the audience waiting for more. The first film was an excellent introduction to the recurring characters. I loved Deena and Sam, but I thought Josh was so innocent, and I’m thrilled that he was not killed off! Although R.I.P Kate and Simon… yikes. I thought the writing was very clever because almost every character is meaningful. For example, Kate’s neighbor that watches the kids explains that she was a nurse, aka Nurse Lane from the second movie. Part One was entertaining, this one is my least favorite out of the three, but I’ve still seen it about six times.

      My favorite from the trilogy is Part Two. I think Sadie Sink killed her role… pun intended. It was exciting to see her apart from Stranger Things, but Ziggy and Max are similar, so her acting was not too different. This movie is my favorite because I liked the summer camp vibes. It was interesting to see a whole new set of actors, but I think they were all perfectly cast. When watching the second movie, the director Leigh Janiak did a great job of still making the movie suspenseful when the audience already knew a lot of information about the curse of Sarah Fier. I thought that Cindy was C Berman, but I was surprised to learn that C Berman is Ziggy. The ending to this part was crazy, and I had to rewatch it so many times while I waited for the last movie to come out the following week. 

      Part Three can be my favorite depending on the day; it changes all the time. It made me happy to see the previous actors incorporated into this movie. Although I could not stand to look at the men in this part, THEY WERE ALL SO ANNOYING!!! Anyways, throughout the film, I was waiting to see Sarah’s bad upbringing or whatever made her evil, and I was utterly shocked when everything unraveled, and we learned that Sarah was a good person this whole time. But it was pretty cliche that Sheriff Goode was evil. I should have seen it coming. In 1994: Part Two, I loved Marvin, and I was glad to see that everything else came full circle. The ending was phenomenal. Part Three answered all my questions, and nothing was left unsolved. We finally got to see the QueenOfAirAndDarkness, and Sam and Deena got to go on their date! The ending credits were terrific and everything I needed. I need to know who took the book. I have some suspects. I think it could be the QueenOfAirAndDarkness because she was thrown into the end of the movie, but that could be for closure. It almost looks like a man’s hands when playing the ending slowly, so maybe Goode’s brother knows about the tradition. I wondered if Goode has a son, or perhaps a pregnant wife, and Leigh Janiak could bring that up in more Fear Street movies???

      I thought the music selection throughout the trilogy was a 10/10. I even made a playlist; it’s so good. My favorite songs from the movies are “Hey” and “Mr. Grieves” by the Pixies! Overall, I think this trilogy of films that were released weekly was a great idea, and I hope to see more people do this. Also, I am excited to see what else Leigh Janiak has in mind with more Fear Street movies! 



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