Set in a dystopian society run by a single emperor, this movie follows the young Paul, the heir of the House Atreides. Paul is the son of Leto Atreides and lady Jessica, and is the result of a concubine relationship.

Paul has inherited powers from his mother, a member of the Bene Gesserit, and begins seeing visions of the planet Arakis. His father has just been given control of the planet, which is the home to a valuable spice called Melange. This takeover causes conflicts both political and spiritual, and Paul must find himself while fighting for his life in the unfamiliar desert.

There have been a lot of mixed reviews for this movie. I have seen a lot of people saying it was slow or boring or confusing, and to that I would just like to say: it’s not confusing if you’re paying attention.

I can see why some people may think it’s boring. I myself started to get a little drowsy at times, but not because I was bored—it was just so dark at times. Some of the scenes also felt a little dragged on, but I think that so much needed to be included in the story that it was necessary.

Another complaint I noticed was that Zendaya was used as a marketing tool and was ”barely” in the movie. I would like to disagree with this and say that she was in as much of the movie that made sense for her to be in, and she will obviously be a big part of the sequel.

Personally, I think that the movie was great. The story was captivating and the script was amazingly written. Also, the casting choices were perfect. Of course, Timothee stood out to me, because he plays the main character, but also because his range and ability is so far beyond his age it’s amazing. I think that all of the actors were outstanding, and I have no complaints about that. To top it all off, the movie was genuinely just so visually pleasing. The cinematography was out of this world (literally!). Here are a few of my favorite shots (spoiler free!):

Overall, I loved this movie and I will be watching it again, as well as seeing every sequel that comes out. I 100% would recommend.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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