Daisy Jones & The Six

In honor of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Carrie Soto Is Back releasing soon, I thought it would be fitting to review Daisy Jones & The Six

Author’s note: I saw the cover reveal and read the first chapter of Carrie Soto Is Back in TJR’s newsletter a couple days ago and recommend you subscribe to her newsletter to see more of an inside look while you wait for her new book to release. Also, the book seems like it is going to be amazing, but let’s carry on with this book review! 

If you have read Daisy Jones & The Six, I hope you got my reference above!!

To begin, this was TJR’s second book in her period pieces— this book takes place in the 70s. I love her approach to writing because her books are always so different, but I love them all and I can always recognize her writing. In Daisy Jones & The Six, TJR writes in an interview style which is very experimental for her. I really enjoyed this technique because it was easy to follow and interesting to hear opinions and stories from the perspectives of every character. My fellow blog mate Bella has taken inspiration from this interview style of writing when creating her own story (which is phenomenal)! 

Here is a quick summary:

Daisy Jones is a wild girl who grows up in L.A. hoping to get noticed for her songwriting and singing skills. Meanwhile, the band The Six is also gaining popularity through their lead singer, Billy Doone. When Daisy and Billy meet and decide to create a song together, the entire world loves them and Daisy Jones & The Six work together to become legends. Of course, the story is not as simple as that, each band member learns that fame does not always bring happiness and sometimes morals are more important than glory. We witness the fall of the band as we see who chooses fame or family. 

I love how natural it is for TJR to create the summery, wild child, 70s rock band aesthetic throughout the book. I am even more excited to see how this aesthetic transitions to the TV adaptation that is hopefully coming by the end of 2022. 

Per usual, TJR’s books have plot twists by the end and this ending definitely did not disappoint. It usually takes me a couple weeks to read a book since I have other activities going on, but I read this book in 3 days which is a sign that this book is amazing and hard to put down. Please everyone and anyone, GO BUY THIS BOOK!! 


Georgia 🙂

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